Grand Raggidy Roller Girls

Background: The Grand Raggidy Roller Girls (GRRG) is a women’s roller-derby team hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan. They had never sought professional branding assistance before meeting the team at The Polishing Center.

Problem: The team needed more members, and more people in the audience.

Strategy: Create materials that will be attention-grabbing and informative. These would include:
-new logo and tagline
-“table tents” at bars, a frequent hot spot for the GRRG and potential members
-Guerrilla methods that take advantage of whatever environmental conditions are present at that time. Examples would include putting “Grand Raggidy Roller Girls Were Here” signs on sites of destruction, such as broken buildings, wrecked cars, construction sites, breaks or cracks in the sidewalk, or other such sites.

The over-arching theme was to effectively combine “feminine” and “tough” characteristics, which highlight the interesting duality of the team.

Below the Belt
Loose Lips, Tight Wheels
High Heels, Hot Wheels
We’re On Your Back
On the Rink & Under Your Skin
Hell on Wheels
Hot Sauce on Wheels
War on Wheels
Pretty. Tough.
Bare Teeth
Hot Flashes
Mood Swings
Calling All the Shots
Save It For the Jam
We’ll Laugh, You’ll Cry.
Breaking Hearts & Bones.

No Balls Required

This Day/Night concept illustrates that these women are unsuspecting members of the community by day, and tough Rollergirls by night.

Proper girls handle problems with a grain of salt.
Rollergirls handle problems with assault.

Healing bones by day.
Breaking bones by night.

Saving lives by day.
Risking lives by night.

Nurse by day. Curse by night.
Teacher by day. Bully by night.
Best friend by day. Worst enemy by night.
Barista by day. Beast by night.
Mom by day. Bombshell by night.
Waitress by day. Temptress by night.

Nurse by Day
Newspaper: Page 1
Flip the page, and in the same place on page 2, you will see:

Curse by Night
Newspaper: Page 2
On the bottom of the ads would be a call-to-action, and contact information.

I cut a nationally-used logo from a magazine, crinkled it, and scanned it to create a more rugged effect.
rollergirls logo from magazine

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