Grand Rapids Community Media Center

Background: The Grand Rapids Community Media Center, (GRCMC), is the umbrella organization for seven media-related organizations in Grand Rapids, Michigan. These organizations provide valuable resources for community members to express their opinions and share their messages effectively within the community.

Problem: Not enough people take advantage of the center’s resources. Also, it is not widely understood that the smaller organizations are part of GRCMC.

Strategy: Create a new logo and tagline for the center, to give it a more recognizable and modern feel. Create new material for media such as radio, television, billboard, online, guerrilla or other formats.

Express the dual nature of the organization by combining its “grassroots” ideals with a clear, action-oriented tagline:

Media Ignition
Unbiased Media
Media Multiplicity
Media Migration
Unfiltered Media
Media of the Minds
Multipart Media
Say Something
Be an Inciter
Ideas Unabridged
Media Unabridged
Media Detoxified
Make Waves

The idea of creating billboards with a message telling observers that working with GRCMC is like having your own billboard to say what you need to say, was explored.

Resolution: After several meetings with the client, options were narrowed to the tagline, “Freedom of Think,” and a one-color logo was chosen. The new logo and tagline will be launched in January, 2007.

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