Art Van- Differentiators

Art Van has several differentiators that separate them from the competition. They’re written below in the form of questions, with scenarios to demonstrate each differentiator:

An Art Van spokesman travels the world in search of furniture.

  • Matt Lauer-type character travels and explores.
  • He tests fabrics and textures from around the world.

What if you had to deliver your furniture yourself?

  • You’d get filthy, sweaty, really exhausted, or never get it done.
  • You’d have to call around to extended friends and family
  • MALE (annoying voice) ANNCR: “Hey, Jan. Do you remember that guy who lived next to you on Second Street a few years ago? He had a cousin, Al, I think… out in Westchester. Didn’t Al have a brother with a truck? I just bought this awesome new couch but I just have the little Escort- I’m sure you remember the Escort.. anyway, I really need to use that one guys’ truck. Could you get a hold of him for me, please? If it’s not a big deal. But otherwise, I mean… I’m going to have to call around, and I hate bothering people like that. Know what I mean? Great, thanks. You rock.”

What if the price drops the day after you buy your furniture?

  • Open on a couple sitting on new couch in their living room, admiring their new couch. Then on TV, they see that the price on the exact same couch from the exact same company has dropped considerably and they’re “practically GIVING the couch away!” Big sale. The people are disappointed and confused.

What if the furniture isn’t in stock?


Man walks into a furniture store.
MAN: I’m looking for a couch. Can I see what you have?
EMPLOYEE (looking uncomfortable): We, um… we don’t have that in stock today. (Sort of makes a “sorry” face.) But Lenny over here, he can act real good and he’ll show you in a pantomime what your couch WOULD look like if it were here!


EMPLOYEE: That’s a good one, Lenny! (Turning to customer) See? Isn’t it nice to see exactly what you’re paying for before you buy it?!”

Awkward silence.

ANNCR: When some furniture stores don’t have what you’re looking for at the store, to look at, well… it makes things a little difficult. At Art Van, we’ve got Michigan’s largest showroom and selection of name-brand furniture. You won’t have to imagine the quality… you’ll SEE it.


A guy sits on the floor with tape marks outlining where his furniture would be, if it had been delivered when he bought it.

  • “What good is buying furniture when you can’t have it right away?”
  • “The difference between ordering furniture and having it in stock is plain to see.”

What if they don’t offer a selection?

A lady walks in and finds an employee, asks to see “some nice seating for the family room…”
“Sure! We have just what you’re looking for!”
As they’re walking, the employee is talking about what a great piece this is, what a good seller it is, how popular it is…

“Here we are!” The employee enthusiastically shows it off, saying, “This is it! It’s called… couch! It comes in brown.” (There is a whole room full of this one type of couch, all the same).

The lady looks at it… She makes a strange facial expression.

ANNCR: Some furniture stores say they’ve got a great selection, but you just end up seeing the same old thing. At Art Van, we’ve got the states biggest selection of name-brand home interiors to satisfy even the most particular taste…

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