Menlove- Shirt Concept

On a tight budget, this idea highlights their “little guy” personality.

OPEN ON A MENLOVE EMPLOYEE’S SHIRTFRONT, POCKET AREA. DIFFERENT SPOTS WITH DIFFERENT SHIRTS. EACH PERSON TO A SPOT. EVERYTHING HAS A VERY GENUINE, HEARTFELT TONE. The person speaks as the camera stays on their shirt, maybe goes to their hands making gestures as they talk. The focus is on what the person is saying, accompanied by a friendly image of a real person’s Menlove shirt/nametag. It might show someone’s hand over his heart to express something meaningful, etc. I want this to bring out the “little guy” personality of the big company.

OLDER MAN talks about the history and why the company began: We opened because we wanted to buy a car, and believe it or not, there was no one to buy one from in a hundred miles. We believed we could start our own business based on good values and doing business the friendly way. We hoped we would someday be able to pass the hope on. Today, we do. We give hope to people when they’ve been turned down before, because we know what a second chance can do.

YOUNG MAN talks about how Menlove believes everyone deserves a car in today’s world and things that would resonate with the younger population getting on their feet.

MIDDLE-AGED MAN talks about the Fresh Start program, while his hands hold a little electric toy car (the remote-control kind that race on little metal tracks). As he talks about getting your credit “back on track,” and the genuine sense of hope that Menlove gives to people with poor credit, he puts the little car on the track and it zooms away. It’s all about hope.

SERVICE MAN talks about low operating costs and logistics of low prices. Our cars aren’t just “on the lot,” they’re on family-owned land.

MAN WITH POCKET/WRIST WATCH talks about buying a car in an hour.

Possible Copy:

Everyone deserves a car because, well, isn’t that what life’s about? Enjoy the best of it and get what you need. Helping people into a great car they need is at the core of who we are.

When you have what you need, you can focus on what’s important… like family. Everyone has one thing that takes priority, and puts everything in perspective… and we want to help you get past anything in your way. That’s the most important thing at the last of the little guys, giving you the help you need and a car you can depend on. Nothing is more important to us.

When we began Menlove Dodge Toyota in 1959, we were a small business, but we gave our customers professional service as if we were the biggest dealership in town. And today, now that we’re the biggest in town, we operate with the same friendly, courteous service that got us here.

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