Super Weekend Sale Radio

ANNC: Art Van knows. For instance, when she says…
WOMAN: This is gorgeous.
ANNC: What she really means is
WOMAN:  This is what I want.  I’ve gotta’ have it.  Where’s the checkbook?
ANNC:  Which is fine, because during the Art Van Super Weekend Sale, everything in the store is marked down! When he says…
MAN:  Okay.
ANNC: What he really means is…
MAN:  Okay, now how the heck am I going to pay for this?
ANNC:  No problem.  Because there’s no down payment, no interest and no payments for two whole years!
When she says…
WOMAN: You’re kidding.
ANNC: She really means
WOMAN: Since you put it that way, why don’t we redo the dining room while we’re at it?
ANNC:   And she might as well, because she won’t have to pay anything for a whole 2 years.  Not a down payment, not a penny of interest, not a single payment for 2 years. And neither will you.  He says…
MAN:  Awesome!
ANNC:  She says…
WOMAN:  Super!
ANNC:  Proving that Art Van knows. The Art Van Super Weekend Sale is on- when else- this weekend.  But what I really mean is… FINANCE OFFER TO QUALIFIED BUYERS. MINIMUM PURCHASE REQUIRED.  SEE STORE FOR DETAILS.


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