The Advertising Equivalent of “That Creepy Guy”


Boring ads suck. But somehow, that doesn’t stop clients and agencies from paying a lot of money to put them in very popular media outlets.

…this is the advertising equivalent of thinking that if you can discover the address of someone you find attractive and then arrange for a helicopter to drop you through her skylight, you’re in business. Which is hardly the case. Yes, you may now be in her boudoir. But the likelihood of your getting arrested or shot vastly exceeds your chances of getting anywhere else.

Like the creepy guy at the end of the bar, who came alone in a very expensive (rented) suit. He’s shouting at everyone, telling them about himself. Even the bartender is reluctant to make eye contact, and everyone else quickly ignores that whole area of the club.

Just like a bad ad, in rented space that everyone knows to ignore. We’re all experts at ignoring advertisements, but lots of money still goes into making boring ads. Why?

  • The client thinks that crashing through your boudoir is all they have to do, and the agency simply provides the helicopter.
  • They don’t know the difference between engaging and boring advertising, but they think they’re doing it right.
  • They have to make something, anything, and they don’t care if it’s good.
  • They are crazy.

It’s easy to ignore something, and easy to make something worth ignoring. The game begins once you know how to be interesting.


2 thoughts on “The Advertising Equivalent of “That Creepy Guy”

  1. Angela Duncan

    Yep, that is the problem.

    Clients who make boring advertisements obviously don’t have the customer in mind. If the clients did, they would understand that customers are real people who ignore boring things.

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