Googling for Candidates?

Be careful where you click. Presidential candidates are buying key search terms on Google, which means many people will find themselves reading about the candidate with the most spending power… just because the candidate spent the most money.

But that’s nothing new. The scary part? “It seems to be working,” said Jeremy Crane, director-search and online media at web analytics firm Compete. “People are clicking on these links.” – Ad Age

Whether they are finding the pages they wanted more easily, or are landing on the opponent’s page, is not clear. But it’s definitely another reason to get your head into the Google search game.

Which, to the surprise of most, doesn’t mean buying search terms. There’s another way. All you have to do is keep a WordPress weblog (like this one) and update it regularly. Using specific keywords and categories relevant to your topic will bring you to the top of Google searches. And what’s better than being at the top of Google (for free)?

So… why don’t political candidates have blogs? Some do. But they all should. And so should everyone else, with something to say.

I learned a lot about the web in Dayton, Ohio at a Websitetology seminar. Go to one. You’ll learn a whole lot, meet some cool people, and get a free muffin from Starbuck’s.


2 thoughts on “Googling for Candidates?

  1. David Esrati

    Hi Angela,
    Thanks for the plug. Blogs, in the hands of smart people- can have some serious Google power.
    And, yes- we teach you how.
    One day- all candidates will be judged by their blogs/sites. No more, I did this, or that, because- because the real reasons better be in their blog, time and date stamped.
    Keep posting.

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