Mad Men, Madder Women

Well, so far.

I’ve only watched the first two episodes of Mad Men, (purchased through iTunes), suppressing the urge to take long drags from a cigarette. I don’t smoke, but everyone in the show does. It’s elegant. It’s… what everyone did in the ’60s, especially in Advertising Agencies.

It’s a show about the glory days of advertising. I wasn’t there, but apparently, it used to be glamorous and frivolous and desirous and all the other “ouses.” People drinking with their feet up on their desks all day, brilliantly playing a game with no rules. Cool.

But the show is more than that. It hits you with alarming bits of human behavior, combining life in the 1960s and the Ad world. Mostly sexism. Lots of sexism. Sexism sexism.

It doesn’t bother me. It’s not real anymore. And that’s the difference between me and some women that I work with, at an advertising agency. I doubt that they care that the show is about advertising, but I know that they could only sit through the first 10 minutes before turning the channel in feminine disgust.

Enough about that. I like the show. I’m going to keep watching. Maybe I’m seeing into the minds of some older heads in advertising, and know what they’re dreaming of. The good old days. So, the next time a creative director puts his feet up on the desk to read a script I’ve just handed him, I’ll imagine the sound of clinking ice cubes and the dry crackle of a hot cigarette.

scene from Mad Men


2 thoughts on “Mad Men, Madder Women

  1. Phil

    I love the glorious technicolor look of the show. The attention to period detail in dress etc is superb.

    In terms of the politics, the anti-semitism is perhaps a bit more surprising than the sexism.

    For the record, it’s set in 1960, which is quite a significant year because of the founding of Doyle Dane Bernbach.

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