Advertising in Detroit

I hear things. Oh yes, people speak to each other behind thick glasses, through cardboard paper-towel tubes. They talk about strange things, and Advertising in Detroit.

It’s a bit depressed. Accounts changing places, clients leaving, jobs moving here and there, but mostly there. I’m glad people aren’t buying such giant, environmental monstrosities of vehicles as often. But I hope that some new things come along, to take their place in the advertising world. Let’s make little tiny cars, or gum that you can chew after you drink soda, so your teeth don’t disintegrate.

Talent costs less, but everyone uses the same people. That’s why we have to go. We have to get out. Or, we have to bring the “out,” in. Freshen things up. Get resourceful.

It’s a good time to be in Advertising. Because it’s a good time to be in anything. Because no one knows what’s going to happen. And everyday, everyone has an equal chance to do something great.


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