Yahoo! Search Upgrades

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Tuesday, Yahoo implemented a few upgrades to its search engine.

Oddly enough, Tuesday also marked the first day I’ve used the engine since I can remember. I did notice the Search Assist feature, but didn’t know it was brand new. And I wonder…

Is the feature neutral? It’s a little helpful, but what if they sell keywords for Search Assist? Will “Uncle Buck’s Cherry Pickers” jump out at me, next time I search for “Cherry”?

No, I doubt it. And you can turn the feature off. But otherwise, it’s just catching up with Google.

I hadn’t used Yahoo! Search because, well, Google rocks. But, now that I’m training to be an expert in Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing (which will definitely make me a more valuable friend of the advertising world), I’m spending entire days on Yahoo. There’s a lot to learn about it, but the great thing is that all of the information you could ever need is online.

There’s also a Search Engine College, started by a very smart Australian woman.


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