Berline Advertising

There is an advertising agency called Berline, located at 70E. Long Lake Road, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

When I looked them up and arrived at my first interview back in January, I found myself at their old location. It was the only address available on the internet.

(In case you’re on your way there now…)

map of Berline Advertising Group location

Anyway, when I met Mr. Berline, I asked him why on earth they didn’t have a website. His reply was something like, “We don’t have time to make one, and we’re not worried about it.” I raised my eyebrows.

It’s a busy place…

Every business needs a great website!  People are on the internet… a lot. It’s how everyone finds information, these days. (Yellowpages are dead, really.) I’m sure they will get their site up and running eventually, but wanted to make a point.

Update 10/27/07: They have a site under construction.

Maybe they could just get a WordPress blog, update it every once in a while, and watch their rank rise?


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