Into the Wild

Into the Wild

Have you seen? Have you heard? Into the Wild is the talk of the suburbs and cities, and it’s coming out of the wood-paneling of the ’90s, to a theater near you!

Into the WildGreat book, too. I was gifted the book at age nine. That’s 1992. I savored it like a hot roast beef sandwich, between pre-teen sheets. How thrilling, how interesting, how real-life and how exciting, to read about such a person! I also read Jack London during this period, and formed a very primal prescription for adulthood with those pages.

It’s a story about a guy trying to stick to his morals, a strictly roots-and-berries philosophy of life. It’s about anyone, even you, walking down the street alone with unique thoughts in your head. He chooses to isolate himself, probably trying to extract the marrow of life from this experience. He sure got it.

Going it completely alone is probably more than most of us can handle – in any walk of life.

And if there’s ever been a way to avoid, “going it alone,” it’s the world of blogging. Which lead me to something called IMEEM, a social and media networking site that, until now, was nothing more than a strange word. The Krakauer book must have a relationship with IMEEM, because they have a site there.

I dig it. The site, the book, the dude, the legend. I passed the old dog-eared copy to my Dad yesterday, as he left in a van for Las Vegas. Northern Michigan to Las Vegas in a van (with a girlfriend and a rabbit), not a bad winter plan at all.


2 thoughts on “Into the Wild

  1. sunil

    i feel so old when friends (ones that i didn’t graduate high school with) mention their ages.

    but aside from that, your dad seems pretty cool to go on a van trip like that. is he leaving the beulah-land forever?

  2. Angela Duncan

    Hey, hey! Yeah … the age-old ‘age’ situation. I’ve decided that it doesn’t matter how old anyone is.

    Aside from that, my dad actually is cool! He’s not leaving Beulah forever … just for the winter. At least, that’s what he says.

    Until next time!

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