Facebook Has ADS

All over the place. Ads ads ads ads. I added the iLike application today, (because one of my friends dedicated a song to me, and I had to add the application to see it). There are always little applications popping up over there, and I see them as little demographic gold-diggers for advertisers.

Which is fine.

Playing the iLike Challenge is fun. Here’s how it goes: You’re taken swiftly through a bunch of songs, one by one, and asked a) who the artist is, or b) what song by the artist it is. Great There’s even a mix across genres.

But the wacky, off-beat, annoying part is THIS:

iLike screenshot

A big, fat movie clip ad for Beowulf! Weird, because …

  • It has nothing to do with the music challenge I was just taking.
  • It’s for a movie that I haven’t seen.
  • It’s for a movie that I do not plan on seeing.
  • It asks questions that are easily found after watching the clip for about 10 seconds.

So, I thought that was strange. We all know Facebook uses its demographic information for marketing research – but I worry it’s getting too clogged with mainstream marketing. Just sent a little pang of irritation through me.

Another Source: Facebooks “Beacon” Infuriate Users, MoveOn – Silicon Alley Insider


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