Yellowpages Mellowpages

You want a pizza. So, you pick up the phone book and leaf through its tender pages for a pizza shop. You call the first one, AAAmazing Slices or something like that, and order 10 pizzas.


Nobody uses the phonebook anymore, and it doesn’t matter if the pizza company is called AAmazing Slice or ZZZany Sauce Inc, because alphabetical order is old news.

Phonebooks are dying, but if I had to make a commercial for one, I would want it to be as cool as this:

There are black frogs in Australia, which makes this especially relevant to that market. Interesting.


3 thoughts on “Yellowpages Mellowpages

  1. sunil

    incidentally, yeah, phone books are dying. my wife always just wants to throw them out immediately when they’re given to us. i’m in the camp that likes to keep at least ONE of them around in case we have no internet or power and the basement is flooding or something. i think i might’ve lost that one though, cuz i don’t think we have one around anymore…

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