ADWEEK: New Medium Invasion

hometown invasion tour

If you haven’t met Justin Sailor yet, just wait. He gets around. We met through the Snowboard Club at Michigan State University. He was a big influence in my college career, supporting my photography, writing, and obsession with The Smashing Pumpkins. Then we graduated, and he created The Hometown Invasion Tour

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Art & Commerce: Sponsorship Drive: by Justin Sailor

There is indeed a group of young, innovative and talented people who are jumping into a niche which advertisers are only beginning to embrace …

… I found myself walking into the headquarters of BBDO Detroit, seeking sponsorship from one of the largest automobile companies in the world. I pitched my big idea: visit all 50 states in one calendar year while staying with people I had never met.

Jeep accepted my project, and gave me a 2007 Jeep Compass for the road. Rather than a 15-second commercial, they were able to send someone out for an entire year with a vehicle wrapped in graphics that received constant stares on highways across the country.

A great opportunity for Jeep, how could they refuse? He had to give the Jeep back, but I think a lot more of them now that they’re taking advantage of new and innovative ways to advertise. I agree with Justin – This is the way of the future, and anything less is going to die a slow, boring death because no one will care.

final map

Can’t wait to see what he’s up to next.


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