Good Morning, Internet! Where’s Your Vote?

Whoa! On December 16, 2007, Ron Paul collected more money in a single day through Internet donations than any presidential candidate in US history, with over $6 million.

You are sitting in an important seat right now – one in front of a computer. Things are happening online this election, and smart candidates are taking advantage of the fact that their online behavior plays a big part in the election.

You’re in the driver’s seat. Here, you can go wherever you want, read whatever you want, and make your own decisions.

Good or bad, it’s on the internet. For you.

presidential candidates drawing

Fear the family sitting in a pastel-colored living room, eating complacent popcorn on a floral-patterned couch as they watch whatever the TV stations allow them to watch. Whatever the monopolistic network companies have filtered through this family’s satellite. Whoever the TV wants them to vote for.

So, as people turn to the internet for real, objective answers (or as they search, and hopefully find them), candidates are learning to give them what they want.

What better place to lay it all out? Straight from the source. Bam.

2008 Presidential Candidates

Go here for a list of every candidate.

Here are some that I’ve chosen to research and link for your convenience. Sweet!

  • Ron Paul, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, Daily Paul
  • Barack Obama, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter
  • John Edwards, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter
  • Hillary Clinton, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter
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