David Esrati for Congress

Speaking of the internet’s giant role in politics, a great Ad man (of The Next Wave) and colleague in Dayton, Ohio is running for congress. He announced mid-December.

esrati for congress

Congress: David Esrati for Congress
I hope that my open campaign, utilizing the Internet and Web 2.0 technology, along with the power of true ideas- can not only power this campaign to win, but that we can bring the disenfranchised and disgusted back into the fold.

And Ernie Schenck, author of The Houdini Solution and big-time Ad man himself, is spreading the word.

David puts it best here:

Ernie Schenck Calls This Advertising?: Esrati For Congress. Or Else.
I’ve used my personal blog to share my ideas for a better future for the last three years- it’s my intention to continue to use this technology to keep in touch with the people I hope to represent.

Hope that gets you started into the web of articles and information encircling his run for office. It’s a new day in politics. A great time for change.

Dare I say … The Next Wave?


2 thoughts on “David Esrati for Congress

  1. David Esrati

    Hey Angela-
    Thanks for the mention- and your support.
    I’m counting on everyone, not just those in Ohio 3, to join in and usher a new way of approaching our political leadership.
    As part of that- I’m giving away my Dad’s book “Dear Son, do you really want to be an American” on my site http://www.esrati.com/dearson
    It’s 60 pages and a great look at what it really means to be a part of this great country.

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