macbook air

I am intrigued and skeptical of the new MacBook Air. I don’t have a problem with the weight or thickness of my current mac (iBook G4) … but can’t help wondering what new personality the internet will have on something so new and tiny. New and tiny, like a baby. Maybe I will see the internet like a baby, too, free of preconceptions. Maybe I would discover great Truths and solve the problems of the world. Maybe I will write the Great American Novel on it.

Whatever happens, here’s an article on NOTCOT:

MacBook Air NOTCOT

I’m going to be sad if I open the box for this and it’s not in a manilla envelope … It’s just like a ginormous ipod…
Update! Check this out. You can buy a real protective sleeve/case that looks like a manila envelope:

macbook air airmail image
Pitchfork: YACHT Designs Clever Sleeves for New MacBook Air
Taking to heart Steve Jobs’ claim that the MacBook Air will fit in a standard manila business envelope (seeing is believing), Bechtolt and frequent collaborator Claire L. Evans devised the perfect accessory: the manila envelope-styled protective laptop sleeve (pictured above). The pair readily admits it’s an “obvious” idea, but who cares when it’s also probably a massively lucrative one?

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