Social Media is Fun

You know, things like …

Here is a useful article about the basics of Social Media, written by a guy in Cape Town, South Africa. (I heard that because of the sun’s angle in Cape Town, lots of production companies fly there to shoot. The money they save on lighting makes up for the cost of flying there, and everyone lives happily ever after.) I especially enjoyed this bit of advice:

Search Engine Land: 15 Fundamental Truths About Social Media

Create something that is honest. Sony was famously outed online when the company created a fake blog called All I Want For Xmas Is A PSP (no longer live), where two people were trying to get others to promote their wish for a PSP. Turns out these people were actors. Sony subsequently was subjected to a backlash of brand bashing which really highlights the risk involved in a dishonest marketing campaign.

Did you click the PSP link in the above article? Haagen-Dazs bought it!

Oh, Internet. You are so funny sometimes.


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