Nobay Obay

Obay Transit Ad


I don’t care for these ads. They’re juvenile and they don’t MEAN anything. Really.

But, they’re all over Toronto. And I was curious, so I researched. (Which is exactly what the makers of the ad want me to do. And I guess that is pretty cool. Curiosity is always a good tool in the war for attention.)

(NOTCOT) Article – my original info source

Torontoist: Obay Unveiled!  The organization (Colleges Ontario) just sent out a press release with information about a media launch event next Monday at (fittingly) Centennial College that promises to reveal “the news behind Obay and its side effects on Ontario’s Post-secondary Education.”

Sounds interesting. I’ll check back here later, after tonight’s meeting. Let’s see what these weirdos are up to.


Internet-Savvy Illustrator

nate williams logo

I’m posting about this guy – Nate Williams – because he’s got SEO down to a science.
The site is for his art illustration work, which is extremely well-marketed. Here are his tips for a great, search-friendly illustration (or anything) site:

  • Get a domain.
  • Get a web hosting company.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Don’t use FLASH, Frames, Pop-ups, Lightbox, etc .. stick with good old fashion XHTML/CSS!
  • Make the URL unique.
  • Update often.
  • Use Google analytics.
  • Take advantage of your mailing list.
nate williams drawing

PC-Based PPC: Whatever

These are Pay-Per-Click ads from my Gmail. Google calls them, “sidebar links.”

AdWords PPC in Gmail

The advertiser pays Google when I click them.

But, I don’t click them. Of course not. Why?

  1. I know they’re ads. They smell.
  2. They aren’t targeted well enough to be relevant.
  3. I’m not shopping when I’m in Gmail. I’m Gmailing.

That aside, PPC does work. Because of people I will never understand. And the technology for targeting those people is getting more creative:

Microsoft on Reranking Search Results Based Upon Your Calendar -SEO by the SEA
It might look at calendar entries, emails, documents, and other information in this attempt to define importance, and understanding different events and times related to things like emails and calendars may be essential in providing relevant results to a searcher. There isn’t an actual person going through my documents or calendar. And I’m not looking for information in PPC ads, anyway.

There isn’t an actual person going through my documents or calendar, so it’s not a huge deal. But, it’s a big waste of time …

Random PPC ads (those outside of search engines) are, I’m sure, less likely to be clicked than those appearing above and to the right of your requested search results. Because when you’re at a search engine, you’re looking for answers. When you’re somewhere else, you’re not.

Back to Basics

Too much random posting. Flighty blogging. Not enough meat and potatoes. Here goes.

There is a billboard that gives me the shivers every morning. It’s by Ad Council, for increasing public awareness of obesity. It shows a big, hairy belly. Fine, that’s fine. But the nauseating, gross part of it is this. On the side of the belly, round as a beach ball, there is a plastic air nozzle (from a beach ball) implanted into the skin. It’s disgusting. Hence the shivers. It reminds me of surgeries and other unpleasant thoughts. Gut-reaction: bad.

ad council billboard detroit

(That’s it, on Woodward Ave as you near Pontiac. Check out the insane billboard underneath. New Look Same Shop!)

I’m sure you can relate. We’ve all seen ads that don’t work, and wonder what the heck the ad people were thinking. And to tell you the truth, I have no idea. I tried to “understand” advertising for a year, which isn’t long, but I never got it. Far as I can tell, they’re lucky to have ended up where they are. They often feel proud of what they’ve made, but that doesn’t mean we should listen.

meat and potatoes