Nobay Obay

Obay Transit Ad


I don’t care for these ads. They’re juvenile and they don’t MEAN anything. Really.

But, they’re all over Toronto. And I was curious, so I researched. (Which is exactly what the makers of the ad want me to do. And I guess that is pretty cool. Curiosity is always a good tool in the war for attention.)

(NOTCOT) Article – my original info source

Torontoist: Obay Unveiled!  The organization (Colleges Ontario) just sent out a press release with information about a media launch event next Monday at (fittingly) Centennial College that promises to reveal “the news behind Obay and its side effects on Ontario’s Post-secondary Education.”

Sounds interesting. I’ll check back here later, after tonight’s meeting. Let’s see what these weirdos are up to.


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