Trader Joe’s

I really wanted to be an ad copywriter. So, I became one. I created this blog, in that vein. I tried advertising. I didn’t like it. I got shingles.

Deep down, I really want to be an illustrator. Professionally. I’m working on that master plan, and having a great time of it.

Meet Trader Joe’s: My new love, and place of work. I’m a sign artist there, and wear Hawaiian shirts everyday. I can’t believe it’s real. A food store, with corporate culture sometimes described as, “dorky?” Hallelujah.

I am really fortunate to be part of the company. They give benefits to part-timers, among other awesome corporate methods. And the store is just a few minutes away from my house.

I didn’t shop there before I was hired, because I assumed the prices were high. (I was new to the whole idea, having grown up in rural northern Michigan.) I didn’t know there could be awesome, super-affordable food. Now I’m a walking advertisement. Every product has a story, and there are NO sales. No sales! No advertising! There’s something very good and honest about that:

Seths Blog: Lessons Learned from Trader Joe’s
The key mantra is that Trader’s finds foods for its customers, NOT customers for its foods.


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