Youth In Revolt (Or Just Another Blog Entry Before I Marry Michael Cera)

Michigan is getting cooler.

Youth In Revolt, starring Michael Cera, Steve Buscemi, Ray Liotta and others, is being shot in Ferndale, Michigan. Just a few miles north of downtown Detroit. Just up the street from my house.

This is good news for me, because now I can activate my Emergency Hotness Wooing Strategy Should Michael Cera Ever Come to Ferndale Plan.

I wonder if they will want any help making the movie? Movies are quite laborious, I have heard. I have many skills that would be useful to a movie-maker, such as:

  • Knowing What is Funny or Not Skills
  • Haircutting Skills
  • Drawing Skills
  • Bicycle-Riding Skills
  • Friend Skills

The last skill will likely prove to be most important, when I am face to face with Michael Cera. When I ride my bike back and forth down their street 5,000 times a day. When he falls in love with me.

Thank you, ‘Michigan Movie Tax Break

July 21 Update:

Well, the shoot is just about to wrap up in Ferndale. It’s been exciting scenery for my after-work jogging/stalking. I can’t resist checking everything out. It’s the most exciting thing going on, so I’m there. That’s the way it is. And the crew/cast have been really, really friendly. They seem to feel bad about taking over our street.

Really, I don’t mind.

I drew this, just for fun. What if I gave it to him? Maybe he would make copies, and hand them out to his friends. Friends that he wishes would be “just friends.” It would take the awkwardness out of so many situations.


7 thoughts on “Youth In Revolt (Or Just Another Blog Entry Before I Marry Michael Cera)

  1. John

    You could also work for TBS. You could be one of the phone operators that people call when they’re not sure if a situation is funny or not. That would be a good use of skill #1.

    Dude i just bought a nice laptop and a nice film scanner. I can scan film for you if you want.

    Still want to make those record totebags too!

    yeah, movies take forever. you spend half a day or more on one scene. speaking of movie stuff i have been involved in, check it:

    I recorded the music for it…

    That tax incentive totally rules.

    If you want to bag michael cera, a good summer dress will be key. you can rock a summer dress like no other.

    swimming and stuff.

  2. v.p. care

    I know about this! He (and you) should ride with us!! (Ferndale, MI) we go yard sailing, eat ice cream, play yard games, but most importantly RIDE BIKES!!

  3. Angela Duncan

    John: Swimming and stuff – YES. Also, last I saw you, I forgot to take my camera back. I hope you are snapping away, as I miss it quite sadly. Sort of. Film’s expensive, so I will take advantage of your scanner. Perhaps a long afternoon of swimming and scanning, poolside. Anyways – two dresses in the works! Summer isn’t official until I bust out on the town, wearing some stranger’s old bedsheets made into top-notch indie-wear.

    Care: If (no, when) I become best friends with Michael (I’ll call him Mike, though) … We’ll both totally ride. I haven’t been able to ride this year yet because I’ve been working. Also, my bike was viciously stolen last year, as I left it locked to a small shrubbery. I thought the thieves would be more environmentally careful. Thieves!

  4. Karen Breen-Bondie

    My kids tell me that they are filming this picture in Ferndale. They were at the high school filming today and right now are at the Drayton Avenue Presbyterian Church filming at night (it’s 10:00pm).

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