A Prediction for the Future of Books and Everything, Ever

The whole “blog” thing is really taking off, eh? Understatement!

Well, I was just thinking about the future of books. And I had a vision of you, curled up in a future chair, under a future lamp, reading a future book on a little laptop. Just a little one, not your “main boo” computer, but a little guy that’s good for reading. A “nestler”, if you will.

But, I guess there’s already a little reading device on the market ($359) – called a Kindle. It could be awesome, if it weren’t so expensive. And it could be awesome, if you don’t already have a laptop.  But if you’ve GOT a little-ish computer already, you might as well just use it, right? That’s what I’m thinking.

amazon kindle

That’s all I have to say about the future, for now.

But! Speaking of internetability skills and new sources of happiness, I streamed a live Fleet Foxes show at DC’s Black Cat last night, via NPR. I chatted on AIM with Colin Meloy, the intern at NPR’s All Songs Considered. Then I slept and dreamed of four-part harmonies. If you don’t know Fleet Foxes, you might as well download “White Winter Hymnal,” one of their most enchanting numbers.


2 thoughts on “A Prediction for the Future of Books and Everything, Ever

  1. John Krohn

    yeah man. i have been keen on the kindle for almost a year now. i first heard of it when i watched an interview with amazon’s president on the charlie rose show (i think?) on PBS. Then my old boss (the one i didn’t like) got one. i was going to blog about it but then i thought it would be pretty un-me to hype some new gizmo. i have to do more research on it.. i think overall it would have a positive environmental impact though.. more metal and plastic but less forestry and all the fuel to transport heavy lumber and books.

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