Sweet Updates

It’s been a while since my last post, but I have some truly sweet updates for you.

Meet The Silent Giants. They do it themselves, and they do it right. What they do is design and hand-screen great posters out of Detroit. They’re new on the scene, and already working with big names like The National, Sigur Ros, Mogwai, Wolf Parade, Bon Iver and more. Here’s some fresh Silent Giants press from OMG Posters! Your office would look awesome with some of their posters on the walls. People will swoon at your coolness and knowledge of music.

On a personal note, I’m thrilled to report that my illustration career is gaining momentum!  I am putting a portfolio site together.Yes! It will be clean, Angela-style, and effective. My good Yooper friend, Justin Sailor, is being a hero and setting it up. His many awesome projects: The Hometown Invasion Tour, Yooper Steez, and Bugsyrocker.com.

Do you like rare books? John K. King Books (in Detroit) is incredible. Perhaps you’ve heard of them. I wandered the amazing stacks for a few hours today, taking photos and looking for great, old illustrations. It’s a goldmine, if you have the time.  Imagine an enormous warehouse-turned bookstore, packed with old volumes in every imaginable subject, and you’re getting close.


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