fun. album artwork

fun. is fronted by Nat Ruess (formally of The Format). He started the group with Andrew Dost (Anathallo) and Jack Antonoff (Steel Train). In celebration of Record Store Day 2010, they have released a special live album, featuring versions of songs from their debut album “Aim And Ignite.” The release is entitled “fun. Presents Selected Selections From Their First Full-length Album, Heretofore Known as ‘Aim And Ignite,’ Performed Acoustically Live At Fingerprints.” This release was recorded at Long Beach, California, store Fingerprints, on August 30th, 2009. This store has become part concert hall and is really racking up the releases. The band is extremely talkative and the acoustic set up brings out the purity of the songs form their debut album. This is very pop-oriented rock, so be prepared to hear sweet melodies. Their studio album was produced by Roger Manning (Jellyfish) and Steven McDonald (Red Kross) so they have the proper credentials for this type of power pop. –

I drew the band members and made them into little cutouts! Then, with the help of Andrew Dost (Art Director) and Philip Southern (photographer), we made it happen. I added hand lettering to the cover and back panel, as well.

Here’s a post on their site.


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